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Realisation (formerly known as HCi) was formed in 1981 in Sydney by a group of people dedicated to helping others make the best use of processes and technology.

The company has continued to grow and form lasting client relationships.  In 2004 it was renamed Realisation, because of the dual meanings associated with the word:

  • “realisation of assets”, including processes and systems: getting maximum value from them

  • helping clients “come to a realisation” of the assets that that they own, and their potential

Realisation has over the past 20 years developed a number of strong, reliable and repeatable methodologies that help clients achieve realisation of processes, products and systems.

These methodologies are based on a number of fundamental insights into the way processes and systems help – or hinder – people to work as an organisation:

  • processes work optimally when people own them and believe in them: it is better to have an 80% accurate process that everyone uses, than a 100% accurate one that no-one uses

  • a computer system only delivers any value to the extent that it helps people actually do their jobs

  • if anyone who interacts with a product – including users, maintainers, distributors, sales staff, support staff, potential purchasers and others – is not given enough product information, then the product cannot deliver its full value