Writer Training

This unique one day course is aimed at people who need to write effective documents that others can easily understand and follow. The course provides a set of tools that can be used to improve writing effectiveness, and practical exercises to apply what they learn.

This course will be useful if your workplace requires:

  • Standard operating procedures

  • Work instructions

  • Quality assurance documents

  • Policies

  • Paper or online content


As well as benefiting individual writers, the course will enable organisations to: – Comply with quality standards – Reduce costs and risks – Improve consistency – Support automation – Make audits easier – Improve staff morale and productivity

You will receive

Participants will receive a: – Full day of interactive training from an experienced writing expert and trainer – Complete set of course notes – Set of worksheets to photocopy and reuse

Booking a course

A course can be run at your premises for 6 – 12 participants. Contact us to discuss your requirements for an on-site workshop.